Arcticus Arctic Bottle

$35.00 $17.50

Arcticus' main focus is to support and protect the Arctic environment and its wildlife. We do so by donating to major NGOs such as the WWF, partnering up with Arctic projects working towards the conservation of its wildlife, and raising awareness about the impact that climate change has on the Arctic.

25% profits of every purchase are donated to the current programmes supporting the Arctic.  

This bottle represents the Arctic environment, a unique part of the world especially affected by the threat of climate change. Home to amazing wildlife and habitats, this polar environment now inspires a generation of eco-conscious people who believe that their day-to-day actions play a role in the protection of nature. 

The Arctic Bottle exists at the intersection of sustainability, urban fashion and innovative lifestyle. Versatile by definition, this bottle fits your casual days and adventures without compromising looks or performance.