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Come to Finland Playing Cards #2


About the product

Poker, bridge, slapjack or whichever game you prefer: Our travel posters have now been turned into playing cards!

The cards are identical with model #1, only the cover and the back of the card differ.

Made in Finland
Manufactured by Tactic

The deck include modern travel posters by the following artists (click for info and image): © Joonas Kavasto, Natsuki Nakamura, Henna Gaus x2, Jolanda Kerttuli, Tintin Rosvik, Omar Escalante, Mareike Mosch, Adrienn Széll, Vombatcombat, Esa-Pekka Niemi, Chen Yu, Beth Chesser, Pekka Kurki, Amelia Hillebrant, Emma Chudoba, Jaco & Aline Hubregste, Väinö Heinonen and Anna Häyrynen.