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Marttiini Moose Knife


A dream gift for moose hunters!

The magnificent regular knife is supplemented with a bronze ferrule, where the king of the Finnish woods, the moose, is immortalized. The precious wood colour of the handle is achieved by thermal treatment of the wood, which also provides the handle with excellent protection against moisture.

The blade is made of Carbinox T508 steel, which combines the best characteristics of carbon and chrome steel: superior toughness, easy honing and extreme durability. The material is not classified as stainless but its resistance to corrosion is considerably higher than that of traditional carbon steel. With regard to the maintenance of Carbinox T508 it is sufficient to clean the blade carefully and dry it after use. However we also recommend the occasional treatment of the blade with unsalted oil.


Length of blade: 8,5 cm

Total length: 19 cm


Blade material: Carbinox T508

Handle material: heat-treated curly birch, waxed, bronze ferrule

Sheath material: leather