One Christmas Wish


Little Hedgehog's friends, the baby mice, have one Christmas wish: to build snow mice. But there just isn't enough snow! Little Hedgehog and the baby mice set out to search for more snow and along the way share the extra snow with their friends -- learning the true meaning of Christmas.

The baby mice can't wait to build snow mice. But when they wake up on Christmas Eve, almost all of the snow has melted! So Little Hedgehog takes the friends to go look for snow, collecting it in his bobble hat. On the way home, the baby mice share the snow with Grandpa Squirrel, the beavers, and Fox. But when they are ready to build their snow mice, the last tiny snowflake is melting at the bottom of the hat! "Christmas just won't be the same," sniff the mice. But then they remember the joy brought to others by sharing the snow, and realize that spending Christmas with their friends is what makes it truly magical.