Sauna Rocks for Electric Stove


Did you know that electric heaters and wood-burning stoves must absolutely use massive, split-face sauna stones? The reason for this is that the split-face stones store plenty of heat, making the water thrown onto them vaporise efficiently on the broad fracture surface. The split-face stones are easy to stack and enable good air circulation, which saves the heating elements of an electric heater. Light (ceramic), soft (soapstone) and smooth (rounded) sauna stones do not produce the desired results. The split-face sauna stones by Harvia are selected with respect for old sauna traditions and provide bathers with proper, soft steam sensations.

Choose the suitable Harvia sauna stones in accordance with the size of your heater or stove.

Harvia sauna stones are available in two sizes. Stones in the range of 50 to 100 mm are suitable for wall-mounted heaters with a low power output. Larger sauna stones in the range of 100 to 150 mm are very well-suited for larger woodburning stoves