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St. Urho Camp Mug


This enamel-dipped steel camp mug is handcrafted exclusively for Irma's Finland House by artist Lindsay Anderson Rechnitz (little duck + owl). The custom 2 sided mugs feature our favorite Patron Saint of Finland, St. Urho, along with the famous grape, grasshopper and pitchfork imagery. 

The legend of St. Urho is said to have originated in Virginia, MN in the 1950s by Richard Mattson. St. Urho's Day is celebrated on March 16th and legend has it that St. Urho chased the grasshoppers out of ancient Finland, thus saving the grape crop and the jobs of Finnish vineyard workers. He did this by uttering the phrase: "Heinäsirkka, heinäsirkka, mene täältä hiiteen" (roughly translated: "Grasshopper, grasshopper, go to Hell!"). His feast is celebrated by wearing the colors purple and green.