Teroforma Stuga Kitchen Towel


18 1/2" W x 25" H / 100% Long-Fiber Flax Linen / Lithuania

These towels offer the well-known benefits of high-quality linen (super-absorbency, quick drying, durability, low-impact manufacture, and maintenance) all within a rich aesthetic of natural flax accented with subtle stripes of once-rich tonal colors. Sold Individually.

Designer: Anna Hellman (Sweden)
Material: 100% Long-Fiber Flax Linen
Origin: Lithuania

  • Traditional European kitchen towels made from long fiber flax linen and accented with subtle stripes of once - rich tonal colors.
  • Super-absorbent, quick drying, durable.
  • Densely woven to the standards of the European Masters of Linen guild and mechanically conditioned without the need for harmful chemicals.
  • Linen will retain its strength while softening with regular use.
  • Machine wash, line dry and iron while damp