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Valona Himmeli XL Decoration


The classic model of the traditional Himmeli fits into many forms and sizes. The Himmeli XL is intended for decorative use and is stylish as such, but its more robust construction also allows for more functional uses. For example, it acts as a hanging structure for aerial plants. It can also be used to make wonderful arrangements, for example with wintery conifers and Christmas balls.

The birch-coloured decoration beautifully emphasises the lightness of natural wood. It also pairs well with the black Himmeli XL.

Himmeli XL is suitable for outdoor decoration. Its birch plywood is thicker and more durable than other Himmelis, making it more resistant to outdoor air and moisture. However, read the product care instructions carefully as well. The decoration is light and thus does not require heavy fastenings. Please note that the Himmeli XL is larger than the centre piece of the Himmeli mobile.

The decoration is assembled from two separate parts, which are easily threaded through each other and fastened together with a simple locking mechanism. It is thus also easy to disassemble the decoration back into its flat package to wait for the next use.

The Himmeli design is by designer Elina Mäntylä.

Approx 12.2 x 11.8 inches