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Valona Korona Chain Necklace


The Korona necklace does not settle for a side role. The graphic and classic rings together create an impressive look that is, however, easy to carry. The black necklace brings edge especially to simple outfits, for example a linen shirt or dress. The classic and minimalist colour of black suits close to any outfit. Named after the light phenomenon around the Sun and Moon, the Korona necklace is also reminiscent of the five rings of the Olympic flag, a symbol of international unity. Also the rings of this necklace together form their own alliance.

The wooden rings are made entirely of Finnish, sustainably sourced birch plywood. The wood is hand-dyed black so that its fibres stand out beautifully from beneath the dark colour. Its chain is nickel-free metal with a length of 38 cm. The chain also has a 5 cm extension, which can be used to hang the necklace slightly lower if desired. Thus, the necklace also suits wearers of different sizes.

The Korona collection represents Valona’s ecological zero waste design principle, which aims to minimise production material loss already at the design stage. Korona jewellery is made from both rings and the round pieces inside them. 

The Korona design is by designer Elina Mäntylä.