59” Fabric Hanger Frame, Natural


The perfect solution for hanging and displaying your beloved Marimekko fabric! 

QUILT HANGER FRAMES are for displaying quilts, rugs, tapestries, and other art material. Ours are custom cut to fit the width of Marimekko fabric. The Quilt Hanger Frames are held together with screw fasteners that do NOT go through your material – you just bump your material up to the screws and they compress the wood together to clamp onto your material. The screws go through the back and halfway through the front using special hardware (allen wrench is included). Material must be less than 1/4" thick (when compressed with your fingers).

All Quilt Hanger Frames are 2" tall and 1" thick (each plank is 1/2" with two planks for the top and two planks for the bottom). They are solid wood and heavy duty.