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aarikka Forest Elf Hiker


The Hiker elf looked forward, towards the wilderness, the multi-colored hills and the stone wall painted golden by the sun. The elf had lost track of how long it had been traveling. It only knew that it had met the Moon several times, and each time the Moon had given it regards from the Sun of the previous day. The Hiker thanked the Moon for watching over it, and every night, the Moon smiled and kept an eye on the small Wanderer’s sleep until morning.

The Hiker elf is made of two wooden beads. It wears a felt hat on its head and a backpack on its back. Combine the Hiker elf with its other elf friends!

Color: Green
Material: Maple, wool felt, birch, linen
Size: Height 11 cm 

Handmade in Finland.