Beardy Dish Brush


Introducing Beardy, the Gnome Dish Brush - Unleash the magic of kitchen chores with Beardy, the whimsical gnome-like dish brush! With its enchanting design and ergonomic handle, cleaning becomes a joyful breeze. Say goodbye to messy drips and splatters with accompanying tray.

The Perfect Gift for Cleaning Enthusiasts - Ignite a spark of delight in dishwashing with OTOTO's scrub brush for cleaning dishes. These irresistible kitchen scrubbers for dishes make adorable gifts as they elevate mundane chores into moments of pure bliss!

Sturdy, Burly Bristles - Brace yourself for the unrivaled power of our kitchen scrub brush's sturdy and durable bristles. Conquer stubborn pots and pans while ensuring delicate surfaces and glassware remain unscathed with Beardy, the kitchen brush.