Bjorn Viking Spoon Holder & Steam Releaser


Viking Spoon Rest & Steam Releaser - From Asgard to your kitchen, design awarded OTOTO studio brings you Bjorn, the mighty silicone spoon rest! This spoon holder can be placed near the stove or in the dining area while serving and meal prepping.

Bjorn Blows Off Steam - This Viking-shaped spoon holder for kitchen counter also doubles as a steam releaser! Attach him to the bubbling pot and add the lid to the top; Bjorn will expel all excess steam with great might!

Bjorn' To Serve - Say goodbye to countertops spattered with spills and splashes with Bjorn at your service! BPA-free and heat resistant, Bjorn can withstand boiling hot temperatures, acting as your celestial cooking spoon holder.

Nifty Little Treat - Need kitchen gifts, small kitchen gadgets, or fun kitchen gadgets? How about a unique kitchen utensil holder? This spoon holder for stove top is the best gift for anyone!