BonBon Swedish Peach Fish


The Sour Peach Fish is our take on everyone’s favorite summer fruit - a juicy peach! A little bit sweet, a little bit sour, and always refreshing, these will certainly have you reaching for more. The peach is one of BonBon’s four flavors of summer!

It is with great pride and joy that we introduce to you our newly expanded family of sweet and sour fish: Sour Peach, Sour Blackberry, Sour Elderflower, and the much requested Sweet Wild Strawberry! Our fish are vegan, gluten-free, naturally colored and made in Sweden. As it should be!

Ingredients: sugar , invert sugar syrup, water, glucose syrup, corn starch, citric acid, tartaric acid, turmeric oleorecin (color) , black carrot concentrate (color), natural flavor peach-apricot type, coconut oil, carnauba wax, 

contains: coconut