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Full Bloom: Vibrant Plant-Based Recipes for Your Summer Table


Enjoy the vibrant summer season with all your senses and take advantage of nature’s beautiful buffet with 75 plant-based recipes and tips from food and wellness expert Virpi Mikkonen.

Summer is to be celebrated, not only for the change of pace but for the vibrant, fragrant, and bountiful selection of flowers, herbs, and vegetables in full season. In 
Full Bloom, author and health coach Virpi Mikkonen invites readers to experience her family’s favorite Scandinavian recipes that celebrate the taste and feel of summer with 75 easy-to-make plant-based recipes in addition to simple nature-inspired wellness tips to incorporate into your daily life to give you a natural summer glow.

Whether it’s a morning bowl of Golden Glow Bircher Muesli to begin the day, an 8-Veggie Garden Pasta for a weekend brunch, a refreshing Strawberry Basil Salad with Dandelion Bread Rolls for lunch, or a late-afternoon Clover Ice Tea break, 
Full Bloom will have you savoring summer flavors all season long.

75 RECIPES AND TIPS: From breakfast and brunch dishes to lunch, snacks, and cordials, a large array of recipes will break the monotony of summer cooking

PLANT-BASED COOKING: All recipes are plant-based and use easy-to-find, fresh, and natural ingredients

SEASONAL SUMMER DISHES: Using summer wildflowers and wild herbs, recipes abound using creative ways to incorporate foraged finds that will impress guests

WELLNESS TIPS: Also included are healthy summer wellness tips that can be used all year long, such as a Pampering Foot Soak with pine needles and birch leaves and Honey Face Masks