Kauniste Keittiössä Blue Kitchen Towel


Keittiössä kitchen towel design features a pantry shelf filled with Finnish baking supplies and condiments. Finnish designer Leena Kisonen made the original print design with paper cutting the elements by hand. The color of the towel is a gentle blue.

The kitchen towel is made from durable and high-quality fabric. Half-linen works great as a kitchen textile, as it absorbs moisture well yet dries quickly. Kauniste's kitchen towels are printed with non-toxic inks and can be washed at 60 degrees.

Material: 55% linen and 45% cotton.  Size: 45 cm x 70 cm. 

In keeping with traditional Scandinavian design principles, Kauniste emphasizes high-quality manufacturing and natural, sustainable materials. We combine fresh colors and design ideas to ensure that our products are timeless.

Made in Lithuania