Large Drop Candle Pair, Purple


Perhaps it's the long winter nights or the cool glow of the midnight sun that have made candlelight so much a part of Scandinavian homes. Our Swedish Stearin Candles are perfect for any season or festive occasion. These are also the candles of choice for our wide variety of Scandinavian candleholders. Stock up for your home with our Nordic color design palette...a wide choice of colors for every season. Keep your table and living room glowing and your friends and family feeling cozy with these high-quality candles.

Our over-dipped Danish Drop Candles are made from pure white clean burning Stearin, regarded by Europeans as the highest quality candles. The burning quality of Stearin wax is superior to paraffin wax and fit any standard taper candleholder with longer burning times and cleaner flames. 7.5 inches.