Lily Huckleberry in Mexico


To the wild ones who dream of flying...this story is for you!

In this new Lily Huckleberry adventure, our brave Lily meets Maria, a migrating monarch butterfly who needs help finding her way back home. Lily and Maria embark on a whimsical journey through deserts and seas, colorful markets and magical villages, meeting all kinds of charming new friends along the way.Will Lily be able to help Maria reunite with her family?

Kids love Lily s colorful escapades in Mexico for its fun characters and whimsical twists and turns! Parents love the underlying message: You will never know if you can fly, unless you jump!

Get this book NOW and share the magical hullabaloo with your child! No magic doubter allowed!

The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Mexico is the third book of a travel series for kids that aims to:

1) show kids the beauty + diversity of the world
2) give them a brave female role model to look up to
3) foster children's imaginations
4) create a society of little explorers who are curious about the world and always ready for adventure