Lily Huckleberry in Scandinavia


To the curious wanderers and the free spirits looking for adventure…this story is for you!
In the first Lily Huckleberry adventure, Lily is invited into The Worldwide Adventure Society of Shenanigans and Hullabaloos. Her new magical globe brings her to Scandinavia in the middle of a Midsummer party mishap - the strawberries are missing!Will Lily be able to solve the mystery?
Children, whether they wake up grumpy or not, are invited to join Lily if they are…

...very silly
...very brave, and
...always ready for adventure!
Kids love Lily’s whimsical escapades in Scandinavia, where she meets many new friends (a mermaid, an elf and some very grumpy Vikings!), and has magical adventures! Parents love the underlying message: people aren’t always what they seem.
Get it NOW and share the magical hullabaloo with your child! No magic doubters allowed!
The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Scandinavia is the first book of a travel series for kids that aims to:
1) show kids the beauty + diversity of the world
2) give them a brave female role model to look up to
3) foster children's imaginations
4) create a society of little explorers who are curious about the world and always ready for adventure