Nappula Candleholder, 7.2 Inch Brass


Adored by many, designer Matti Klenell's sympathetic Nappula collection combines vintage and contemporary design elements. Inspired by an odd-looking old table at the Nuutajärvi glass museum, Klenell created a collection that continues to be a perennial gift favourite. Now available in polished brass, the different-sized candle holders can be combined to make a radiant ensemble.

Brass products become beautifully patinated over time. They become darker and less shiny, which is typical of brass. The product should be washed with neutral washing-up liquid, rinsed and dried immediately with a soft piece of cloth. Stains should be removed immediately with a soft piece of cloth. Tarnish can be removed using a silver cleaning cloth or paste. Liquid silver cleaning agents are not suitable for brass. Abrasives must not be used, because they scratch the surface of the metal.