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Nyåkers Almond Mini Cakes in Tub


A real Swedish classic, Mandlekubb, is an almond cakes characterized by a bittersweet flavor. Nyakers bring these delicious cakes right to your coffee table in an attractive pack. Keeping the original taste intact, you will fall in love with the first bite. The cakes are baked using a secret family recipe and enjoy a cult following the world over. Mildly sweet and baked to perfection, these cakes are enjoyed by children and adults alike. Delight in the sweet taste of this almond cube, as it serves as a perfect complement to your afternoon tea or coffee. These are ideal for handing out as gifts to friends, family, or even business acquaintances. Founded in 1952, Nyakers Pepperkakor was originally a local bakery, supplying a variety of pastries. They are one of the largest in the Swedish market for gingersnaps, and an increasing share of production is exported worldwide.

Please note that due to the fragile nature of these biscuits and the fact that they are packed loose in the tub, a few broken biscuits inside the tub should be expected

Product of Sweden

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Shea, Coconut, Rapeseed), Water, Modified Starch, Baking Powder (E450, E500, E503), Egg Powder, Foam, Milk Powder, Bitter Almond Aroma, Vanillin, Salt and Natural Aroma