Sari's ArtWork Dishcloth, Angels Singing


These marvelously absorbent dish cloths are a wonder in the kitchen. You'll never want to go back to sponges or regular cloths when you see how they work. The soften when wet, and wash and dry like a dream. Kitchen surfaces are virtually streak-free. Made of 70% cellulose and 30% cotton, they're durable (just wash in the washing machine). And since they are all natural, you can even compost them, should you tire of them. They're more sanitary than sponges - they dry out more quickly. Use them instead of paper towels to blot up spills - they absorb 15 times their weight in water. And the motifs will give your kitchen a Scandinavian accent.

8 in. x 6.75 in. Made in Finland.

Sari is a Finnish artist, she studied art at the local art school in Pori and graduated in 1995. Then she moved to the Arctic Circle and founded her business there in Rovaniemi in 1998, but nowadays she lives in her birthplace Ulvila. Since the start of her business over 20 years ago she has painted many hundreds if not thousands of watercolor paintings, with which she wishes to bring happiness and joy to people.