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Toikka Barn Owl


For more than 50 years, Oiva Toikka has created the Toikka Birds Collection for Iittala. His wonderful artistic abilities, expertise, and knowledge of glass has made it possible to create small miracles of life, sought after by collectors all over the world. Each bird is individually mouth blown and thus unique, making it a gift that keeps on giving and inspiring each day.

These birds are really small miracles, expressing mankind's stubborn joy in an artistic expression that will always find a way, and a material. We confess our admiration for Oiva Toikka, who over the last 50 years has created this wonderful collection of handmade mouth blown glass birds. His apparently limitless imagination, combined with a sophisticated knowledge of glass, has made it possible for him and his glass-blowers to create small miracles of life, collected and loved globally. Toikka's Birds are individually mouth blown and handmade in Finland by world renowned master glass-blowers and craftsmen, which makes each bird a unique and inspired work of art.