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Toikka Light Green Baby


The iittala Toikka Light Green Baby is a great example of Oiva Toikka's imagination and the skill of the master glassblowers at iittala. The Toikka Light Green Baby has a cool, light green which picks up light as it shines through its cute, compact, and transparent body. The stunning iittala Toikka Light Green Baby has a delicate form featuring small wings perched on its back, a small head and beak, and a compact tail.

The Toikka Light Green Baby is part of a special collection available only at select United States retailers and directly from iittala.

It is the careful craftsmanship by the master blowers at iittala's works combined with the imaginative design of Professor Oiva Toikka that gives the iittala glass birds their unmatched beauty and collectability. Each piece is handcrafted, making your bird special and unique. Due to this, there may be slight variations from the pictured bird. Etched ""O. TOIKKA IITTALA"" at the iittala Toikka Light Green Baby's base.