Valona Drop Small Earrings, Wood


The small Drop earrings bring a pretty, though graphically distinct finish to your outfit. The geometric droplet is original yet simple in shape. Due to its small size, the earrings go especially well with everyday styles. It is a beautiful tribute to the natural shape of the water droplet. The classic and minimalist colour of black suits close to any outfit.

The wooden parts are made of Finnish certified and sustainably sourced birch plywood, which makes the earrings an ecological choice, for example as a gift. The wood is hand-dyed black so that its fibres stand out beautifully from beneath the dark colour. The hooks are sterling silver and come with silicone plugs.

The small Drop earrings are a graceful piece of jewellery that also suits children and youngsters.

The Drop collection represents Valona’s award-winning zero waste design. The design aims to minimise the amount of production material loss.

The Drop design by designer Elina Mäntylä.