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Valona Himmeli I Large Mobile


A breath of Nordic Christmas tradition with a modern twist

Valona’s Himmeli mobile respects the delicate design language and lightness of the traditional straw-made Himmeli crown, yet is easier to reassemble thanks to its birch plywood material. The Himmeli mobile is lightweight and moves gently along with even the smallest air flow. It feels calming and meditative to stop to admire the beauty of its slow spin.

The elegant Himmeli I mobile is made of 100% Finnish birch and is thus considerably more durable than its straw paragon. Himmeli I is assembled from separate parts that are easy to join together according to the clear visual instructions included in the package. The 38 cm high Himmeli I consists of one large himmeli from which five smaller ones hang. Himmeli I is packed in a beautiful package, where it can be stored from year to year or sent as such as a gift. It is designed for indoor use, but in a sheltered place it can also be hung outdoors. In this case, read the care instructions of the product carefully.

The Himmeli design is by designer Elina Mäntylä.

Approx 15 x 14 inches